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10 Gnomes Episode 5 - The Shipyard

Submitted by: RM

From left to right:
1.Go as far left as you can. There�s a gnome sitting on one of the fuse
boxes on the wall of the darker building, near the box that says �RO-2?.

2.Still on the left, go to the boats. There�s a gnome peeking out from the
boat on the right.

3.To the right of the boats, there are some girders. There�s a gnome hiding
in the end of one of the girders (zoom in as far as you can go, then look
for the clickable spot).

4.Go back all the way (you should have some trees in front of you). Click the
building behind the trees, the one with lots of windows. Go to the right of
the building. You�ll see a big ship with two open areas on its hull; zoom in
on the left one. There�s a gnome hanging on for dear life near the pipes at
the top; when you click him, he comes crashing down.

5.Go back all the way (trees again), then go to the right once. You�ll see the
base of a tower, with buildings behind it. Click underneath the tower base,
right in the middle. Scroll to the left and you�ll see some more fuse boxes
in a little standalone kiosk (for lack of a better term). There�s a gnome
hiding underneath the right end of the kiosk�s roof.

6.Zoom out just to the base of the tower (go back twice). Zoom in on the
plants near the right corner. Go to the right; there�s a gnome sleeping
between some cog wheels.

7.Back out all the way, so you�re looking at the tower & buildings. Click the
building behind the tower. There�s a gnome hiding in the small vent hole on
the front of the building, above and to the right of the boarded-up windows.

8.Back out to the tower & buildings again. Zoom in on the right side of the
building, at the base. (One way to find the correct spot is to start at the
car and move left.) There�s a gnome sitting near the bottom of the hose reel.

9.Back out all the way, then go to the right as far as you can. Zoom in on
the wall once, then find where a pipe ends in an upside-down T-shaped thingy.
Zoom in on the end, then click the *top* (i.e. there�s a vertical pipe shutoff
and a horizontal pipe shutoff; click the vertical one.). The gnome will be
sitting on the shutoff valve toward the right.

10.Go back to the rightmost view and zoom in on the big white thing on the
right (looks vaguely like a cat). There�s a gnome hiding in the little round
hole in the middle of the white thing.