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10 Gnomes Episode 3 - Early Spring Garden

Submitted by: RM

Main Scene:
-Bamboo chimes on the tree
-the pot in the main scene has a gnome hiding in the left hole, you
have to pixel hunt for the right spot to click his eyes
-far right on the chair
-to the left of the main scene there is the way to the garden path and a
little to the right there is a garden area in which there's a thing like
a mole repellent, there's a gnome behind there
-on the main garden screen on the lower part of the fence you can zoom into
a disposable planter and there's a gnome underneath that

Shed Scene:
-Through the path on the far left, to the fence
-and then near the bottom on the left corner
-To the left of the last gnome he'll be sitting on a pile of wood on the
lower edge
-To the right of middle gnome he'll be hiding in a drain pipe with just
his eyes showing
-near the drain pipe there's another pipe on the wall, behind that one is
another gnome. this one takes a little bit of pixel hunting to find him

Tall Fence To The Right of The Shed Scene:
The last gnome is on the scene where the tall fence is and there is a sign that
read NR306 click that and then you'll see the gnome but when you click the hot
spot it will look like it disappears, drag the mouse to the left til you see
him sitting on the metal box