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Codes cheats for 10 Gnomes Episode 1 - The Rooftops Cheats

10 Gnomes Episode 1 - The Rooftops

Submitted by: RM

1. left side, shack with graffiti, on the rainpipe (left end)
2. left side, watch tower, right window
3. left side, chimney one from the right, gnome on the left
4. left side, chimney, zoom in on the right, gnome around the corner
5. middle building, left window, under the sewing machine
6. middle building, right facade, click in the circle
7. right side, church, church tower, click top ball, gnome falls off :-)
8. right side, click tv arial with several stick on it, click right pipe,
click rigth area, look under the top and find eyes on the right in the dark
9. like the previous, but click right of the pipes, follow the arial up and
find gnome
10.The last gnome is on the right hand side, lower window. That takes you to a
patio and from there you go into the plant which is where the gnome is