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Codes cheats for Asphalt Urban GT

Asphalt Urban GT - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Nintendo DS

More money:
Press Left, Down, Right, Up, B, A, R, L.

Unlockable Bikes:
Gamelati 1000 SS Motorcycle - Win all the road challenges in Arcade mode

Race bonuses:
Win the following races to unlock the corresponding car or part.

Saleen Qualification : Hummer H2
Colossus : Nissan 350Z
Urban Sports Cars : Audi TT
Nissan competition : none
V6 Engine : Sport Tuning Kit Evo 1
Urban Performance Cars : 2005 Corvette C6
Low Displacement Challenge: none
Chapman tribute : none
Chevrolet Fighting : Sport Tuning Kit Evo 2
Aero 8 Trophy : none
Mythical Elanor : Morgan Aero 8
Barchetta Challenge : none
Under 500 hp : Performance Tuning Kit Evo 1
GT Championship : Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
Aston Challenge : none
German Power : none
TVR Challange : none
Gentlemen Drivers : Performance Tuning Kit Evo 2
Sport Racing Cars : Lamborghini Gallardo
V8 Fever : Unknown
V10 Rage : Evo Kit 1
Propulsion Challenge : Unknown
Performance Racing Cars : Unknown
V12 Only : Unknown
American Muscles : Unknown
4x4 Competition : Unknown
Carol Shelby Challenge : Unknown
Ultra Race Cars : Lamborghini Murcielago
Professional Challenge : Unknown
Italian Affair : Unknown
Road Challenges arcade : Gamelati 1000 SS motorcycle

Unlockable Cars:
Nissan 350Z - Win the race Colossus
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 - Win the race GT Championship
Morgan Aero 8 - Win the race Mythical Elanor
Hummer H2 - Win the race Saleen Qualification
Lamborghini Gallardo - Win the race Sport Racing Cars
Lamborghini Murcielago - Win the race Ultra Race Cars
2005 Corvette C6 - Win the race Urban Performance Cars

Unlockable Parts:
Sport Tuning Kit Evo 2 - Win the race Chevrolet Fighting
Performance Tuning Kit Evo 2 - Win the race Gentlemen Drivers
Performance Tuning Kit Evo 1 - Win the race Under 500 hp
Audi TT - Win the race Urban Sports Cars
Evo Kit 1 - Win the race V10 Rage
Sport Tuning Kit Evo 1 - Win the race V6 Engine

Gamelati 1000 SS motorcycle:
Win all the Road Challenges in arcade mode.

Easy Win:
To win easier in evolution mode, run all the tracks and memorize the turns in arcade free race.

Quick Start:
To get a quick and easy lead over everybody, use your turbo as soon as the race starts.
Turbo can be easily obtained simply by hitting objects.

Fill Turbo Bar Quicker:
Drive into various items on the roadside.

Gameloft F1:
Win all Evolution Championships in first place to unlock the Gameloft F1.