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Codes cheats for Arkanoid DS

Arkanoid DS - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Nintendo DS

Play as Artemis:
Successfully complete Zone V' in Quest mode to unlock Artemis.

Play as Neith:
Successfully complete Zone Z' in Quest mode to unlock Neith.

Play as Operon:
Successfully complete Zone W in Quest mode to unlock Operon.

Play as Rhea:
Successfully complete Zone V in Quest mode to unlock Rhea.

Captain Neo background music:
Successfully complete Theta-5 in Uranoid to unlock the Captain Neo background

Happy Smiling background music:
Successfully complete Eta-5 in Uranoid to unlock the Happy Smiling background

Uranoid mini-game (Japanese version):
At the title screen, press R, Left, Right, L, Right, R to unlock the Uranoid

Original Vaus ship:
Complete all Quest mode levels.

Uranoid Mode:
Complete all levels to save all your friends and Uranoid mode will be available
when you return to the main menu.