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Banjo Tooie - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Nintendo64

Cheat codes
The codes can be entered in the Code Chamber in Mayahem Temple. Enter
them by standing on the platform in the middle and shooting eggs at the
letters. (You must have Egg Aiming to do this.) A buzzing sound means
something is incorrect. Once you have entered a cheat, go to the plaque
on the wall and turn it on.

Some cheats will disable others when they are entered. For instance, if
you activate the all cinemas cheat, you will not be able to enter the
ending sequence cheat because it is already open. You can only enter a
cheat once.

First spell CHEATO, then spell one of the following to activate the

This doubles the amount of feathers you can hold.

SGGE (EGGS backwards)
This doubles the amount of eggs you can hold.

This makes you immune to damage from falling.

This will refill you energy bar shortly after you get injured.

This gives you infinite health and air.

This will enable the Jukebox in Jolly Roger's Lagoon.

This will activate the signposts inside of Jiggywiggy's Temple.

GNIMOH (HOMING backwards)
This will give you Homing Eggs.

This will open all of the worlds. (level select)

Infinite Eggs and Feathers.

Banjo will move faster.

Enemies will move faster.

All cinemas unlocked in Replay mode.

View the cast list cinema sequence.

The last two codes will not appear on the cheat menu even if activated.
Note2: After you have typed in CHEATO and you are putting in the second part
of the cheat, the letters will not light up. However if you put in a wrong
letter you will hear a buzz.

Play As Boggy
If you beat the game 3 times you get to play as Boggy.

Play As Gruntilda
Beat the game with Boggy.

Evil Mumbo
To defeat the Evil Mumbojumbo in Cloud Cukoo Land simply charge at him with
your gold (invincibility) feathers activated he will not be able to move or
attack and will quickly die

Ride the drill
While fighting HAG 1 Gruntilda will turn on the big drill however there is
basically no way to get hurt by it except walking under it and jumping.
However this dosent go for the top of the drill, simply do a back flip and
land on top. You can stand and even walk up and down the drill. You can also
ride the back of the HAG 1 by letting Kazooie carry Banjo and jumping on the

How to get the ice key
1st go to Jinjo Village. Go forward and turn right, there will be a sandy area.
Look around for a grip. Grab the ledge, climb along it and you will find a door
or entrance. Walk through and you'll be in a icy cave, there'll be a game pak.
Destroy it and there is the ice key!