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Codes cheats for Army Men - Sarge's Heroes 2

Army Men - Sarge's Heroes 2 - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Nintendo64

Unlock General Plastro:
Enter PLSTRLVSVG as the password.

Unlock Vikki:
Enter GRNGRLRX as the password.

Debug info:
Enter THDTST as the password.

Small mode:
Enter DRVLLVSMM as the password.

All weapons:
Enter GBZRK as the password.

Max ammo:
Enter SLGFST as the password.

No Clipping:
Enter CLLPINGBB as the password.

Tin Foil Uniform:
Enter TNMN as the password.

Level passwords
(submitted by: beyen68)
02 Bridge FLLNGDWN
03 Fridge GTMLK
04 Freezer CHLLBB
05 Inside Wall CLSNGN
06 Graveyard DGTHS
07 Castle FRNKNSTN
08 Tan Base BDBZ
09 Revenge LBBCK
10 Desk DSKJB
11 Bed GTSLP
12 Blue Town SMLLVLL
13 Cashier CHRGT
14 Train NTBRT
15 Rockets RDGLR
16 Pool Table FSTNLS
17 Pinball Table WHSWZRD

Submitted by: alcidio

effect: get inside boxes or wall

how to do it: when you are climbing a box during the middle of action press start then
highlight resume and hold press A ...

note:to get out of a box or a object press B