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Codes cheats for All-Star Baseball 2001

All-Star Baseball 2001 - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Nintendo64

Huge Ball

Centipede Float

Tiny Players

Harder Hits

Blackout Mode

Blurry Graphics

Baseball trails

Lizard team
Select an exhibition game at Kaufmann Stadium. When a player hits
either sign that reads "Win a lizard", the entire team will turn
into lizards.

Dancing Players In Dugout
At the code screen enter CHACHACHA and the players in the dugout will
be doing the Cha Cha Cha

Replay glitch
If somebody hits a home run off of the foul pole go to INSTANT REPLAY
and show it in regular time, changing the camera to zoom out a little
bit, and when it hits the foul pole, the announcer will say "Its off
the foul pole!" I have done it before, but it is kind of hard to do.

Super Player
First you of course have to go to the "Create a Player" screen. Now make
a pitcher of any type, then go to the attributes screen and take away all
the points from his pitching stats and put them in the other categories.
Exit the attributes screen and re-enter it, and now the pitching stats
will be refilled and the other changes to the other stats will still be
there. You can keep doing this until all the stats are maxed out!!!