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Codes cheats for All-Star Baseball 2000

All-Star Baseball 2000 - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Nintendo64

WLDWLDWST Baseball trails
BCHBLKTPTY Beach ball mode
WTOTL Blackout mode
FLYAWAY Fly back to dugout
TOMTHUMB Small players
MYEYES Blurry Mode
ABBTNCSTLO Fat-Skinny Mode
PRPPAPLYR Paper Player

Lizard Players
Play an exibition game at the Kaufmann Stadium. Hit one of
the signs that say "Win a lizard."

Unhittable Fastball
When pitching in ARCADE mode, hold C-Down + A.

Run Faster
Press Z when running.

Stolen Base Every Time
You must be batting against a pitcher with the Wakefield or Nomo
delivery type. When you get a man on first on second, get a big
leadoff. Don't worry if he trys to pick you off, you'll make it
back in time. When he doesn't try to pick you off, wait until he
takes the step forward to begin his delivery. Now, quickly steal
to second or third. He will not throw there and you will have
plenty of time to get there. (NOTE: This trick works best in
ROOKIE MODE, but you can still pull it off in Veteran and All-Star.