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Aerofighters Assault - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Nintendo64

Get X-29
If you beat all the bonus levels, you will get the X-29 aircraft.
The bonus stages are the Air Landing, Shuttle Defense, Goliath
Defence, and Space

F-15 and Mao-Mao
Press C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down when
"Press Start" appears on the opening screen. A hidden F-15 with a
female pilot (Mao Mao) can now be accessed.

Level select
Press Up, C-Down, Left, C-Right, Down, C-Up, Right, C-Left, L, R, Z
during the opening sequence when the fighters are in flight.
A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: The code must be entered
before the title screen appears.

Compete all bonus missions to access Spanky as a hidden pilot.

Fly enemy planes in deathmatch mode
A new enemy plane will be available in deathmatch mode for each level
completed during game play. A total of six enemy planes may be enabled.

Alternate plane color
Press R at the plane selection screen in main game, practice or boss
attack modes. For death match mode, hold R while selecting one of the
four default planes.

Unlimited continues
Before reaching one credit remaining, reset the game and continue from
the menu that immediately follows the title screen. The game will resume
with the same number of credits that were available when the current
stage was started.

Shortcut for Stage 3: Ice Caves
At the beginning of the level, as the cavern becomes more expansive,
fly behind the large bend.

Tomcat Trick
While flying the F-14, use your special weapon (Ninja Beam), fire a missile
then chaff (in that order). The Tomcat will launch multiple armaments from
its weapons platform - 5 Tomahawk cruise missiles and 4 heat-seeking Tornado

Bonus Level
To get to the secret level, you must complete EVERY level, including the
bonus levels. When you beat the Ice Cave with all other levels complete,
you go to a new level -- The Moon. You will have no wingman support though.

Pilot Enemy Planes in Death Match Mode
To fly an enemy plane in Death Match mode, successively complete the stages
during a normal game:

Stage / Plane
1: Spriggan / SU-25
2: Fortress / MIG-31
3: Ice Caves / F-22
4: Tokyo / KFIR C2
5: Pacific Ocean / F-22
6: Air Battle / ---
7: Desert / RAFALE C101

Air Docking: Accumulate a very high score
Shuttle Defense: Quickly complete all the levels before the "Desert" level.
Goliath Defense: Successfully complete the first two bonus levels.
Space: Successfully complete all regular missions and "Air Docking", "Shuttle
Defense", and "Goliath Defense" before reaching the "Ice Cave" level.
Successfully complete the "Ice Cave" level to unlock the "Space" level.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Health
8027CFF5 00C8
8027CFF9 00C8

Infinite Armor Plane
8127CFF4 44A0
8127CFF8 44A0

Infinite Chaffs
8027E017 000A

Infinite Special Weapons
8027E4D2 0002

Always Have F-15J Eagle
8027CCEC 0010

Always Have X-29A A.T.D.
8027CCED 0020

Game Speed Change
8127CC00 ????

Gun Speed Select
8027CC01 00??

Ultra Fast Missile Recharge
8027E300 0001

Rocket Squad
8027E107 0001

Tomahawk Squad
8027E109 0001

Gun Select
8027E023 00??

Slow Game
8127CC00 0001

Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Codes

00 - Chaff
01 - Jammings
02 - Air Mines
03 - Mahibishi
0A - 22mm BB Shot
0B - 22mm
0C - Hunai Shot
0D - Fireball
0E - Sabre
14 - Fire
15 - Tomahawk
16 - Ninja Glitch
17 - Fire Wave
1E - Rocket
1F - Phoenix
20 - Star
21 - Fire Arrow
28 - Ninjabeam