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Codes cheats for FloBoarder Game

FloBoarder Game - Game cheats, tips and tricks for N-Gage

Submitted by: Atul Pimple

If your N-Gage came with 32mb Memory Card with a picture of a woman
holding a snowboard on it, press the Menu Key, then select the Jigsaw
piece. You can play the game without registering on GPRS by selecting 'No'.

A cheat that will unlock all levels and all boards on FloBoarder :
you will need a file manager like FExplorer installed
(i´m going to asume everyone is useing FExplorer)
go to e:systemapps okia_gameflogamecareer.ini
cgange all 0´s(zero) to 1´s(one)
start the game (making sure to chose to continue!)
hay presto all is avalable.