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Animal Crossing - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Gamecube

How to get 500,000 bells by get in candy:
Submitted by: joel

ten days before halloween buy 20 candy peices and find jack and do not give him
the candy until you did this 10 times the he will say he will give you 500,000
bells four 10 candy peices take it.

Mr. Resetti
Reset the Gamecube during game play. Start the game again and Mr.
Resetti will appear to complain. Repeat this to make him more

If you reset the game enough, Mr. Resetti's older brother, Don,
will take his place. He tells you that Mr. Resetti is not a bad
and is just doing his job. He also apologizes for his brother's
temper and language.

Mr. Resetti in backround
On Saturdays at exactly 8:45 p.m., talk to K.K. Slider (located at
the train station). Ask him to play a song. It does not matter if
you request it or just play it. During the credits, look in the
background very closely to see Mr. Resetti.

Change item screen background
Get the piece of clothing you want as the background in your
inventory. Grab it and drag it to the lower right space. From
there, drag it one space down into a blank space, press A, and you
will have changed the background.

View credits
Talk to the dog next to the train station and type three key

Easy money
When bees appear from trees, take out your butterfly net and face
the beehive. If you can catch a bee, you can sell it for $4500.
Information in this section was contributed by hermag and bryan.
Place orange furniture to the north, green furniture to the south,
yellow furniture to the west, and red furniture to the east part
of your house. Note: The orange cone is actually red.

Note: This trick requires a Game Boy Advance and a link cable.
Play the game with the Game Boy Advance attached. Collect as much
fruit as possible and travel all the way to the south. Go the pier
at the beach. A Kappa will be there and will to bring you to a new
island to the south. Get to the new island and drop all of your
fruit. Return to the Kappa and leave. Transfer the island to the
Game Boy Advance. On the Game Boy Advance, knock on the door to
the house of the island animal. After it appears, move a piece of
fruit in front of the animal. It will eat it and become happy.
Keep repeating this until the animal drops money bags. Feed all
your fruit to the animal, then put your Game Boy Advance on
standby. Resume the game on the Gamecube. Go back to town, then
return and talk to the Kappa again. Your game will now be updated
with the Game Boy Advance data. Travel back to the island and
collect the money bags.

This trick requires a memory card that has your main file on it
that can deposit money at the post office (in other words, you
have paid off all of your house to Tom Nook already) and another
memory card with at least 3 blocks of data free, and does not have
Animal Crossing town data on it. Start the game with your main
file memory card in slot A and the memory card with 3 blocks free
and no town data in slot B. Put all of the money in your
possession in the bank, all of your important items in your house,
and the letters that you want to save at the post office. Next,
talk to Porter (the monkey) at the train station and say that you
are taking a trip. You will get on the train, and eventually you
will go back to the main title screen. At the title screen, remove
the memory card in slot B. Then, press Start and you will get the
"Welcome back, who is this?" message. When you say who you are,
the game will say similar to "Oh I thought you were out traveling
and seeing the world. I can let you play, but you won't have any
items/money with you, is that OK?". You will not lose anything
because your money is in the bank and your items are in your
house. Answer that it is okay. You will load up your town, and you
will not have any bells, items, or letters with you. Your money is
in the bank, your items are in your house, and your face is like a
Gyroid. This is normal. Go to your post office, and take out all
your money. Then, drop it on the ground somewhere. Go talk to your
Gryoid and choose to save, then select save and quit. Once you are
back at the main title screen, put the memory card that was taken
out of slot B back in slot B and press Start. When asked if you
want to use the data from slot B the game will prompt something
similar to "Hey you already came back from traveling, and now
you're coming back again? Do you want me to copy what you did on
slot B to Slot A?" Answer yes. Once the game starts, your
character will be back to normal, and your bank account will be as
if you never took any Bells out of the bank. The money bags that
you dropped will be where you left it. You have just doubled all
your money.

Go around town with your shovel and hit every rock you can find.
One of them should turn red when you hit it. Keep hitting it to
get more money.

Every New Year your parents give you 10,000 bells. Change the
system date on the Gamecube; or in the Animal Crossing options and
change the date to the new year. Check the mail box and you will
have 10,000 bells from your parents. Repeat the process, but
change the year.

Dig for fossils every time you play. When the Museum fills up with
fossils, you can make a mint at Nook's or trade with residents for
good items with fossils. Skulls of dinosaurs seem to be worth the
most, usually bringing in 4,000 to 6,000.

Get three fossils, then send them to the museum. Then, change the
day to one day later. Check your fossils. If they are rare,
continue playing. If they are not, reset the game until you get
rare fossils. You can either keep them for H.R.A. points, sell
them to Nook, or donate them to the museum.

Play the Stalk Market. Turnips do not seem like that much of a
commodity, but its gold in the game. You can make a fortune buying
Turnips and selling them at the right price.

If you have at least 10,000 Bells, on Sunday Joan the turnip
seller will at your town every from 6 a.m. to 12 noon. Buy 100
turnips as many times you can. The next day, go to Nook's store
and sell them all. It is possible to get 73,600 Bells just for 100

As you know, Joan sells Turnips every Sunday until 12 Noon. Then,
you have to wait until Monday to sell. However, the following
trick makes things easier. Go to the Animal Crossing web site,
scroll to the bottom, then write down the Universal code for 100
turnips. On a Monday through Saturday, check the prices until you
see that Tom Nook is buying for at least 700 or more Bells. Use
the Universal code and make sure that they actually work in your
town (sometimes you will be a "contest loser"). When you sell
them, you will definitely have a lot of Bells.

Note: This trick requires three memory cards, game A, game B,
travel data, and a lot of Turnips. Spend the entire week saving up
as much Bell as you can on Game A. On Sunday, find Joan and buy as
many turnips as you can afford. Save your travel data on slot 2,
then travel to Game B. Find out how much Tom is buying Turnips
for. If he is not asking enough, save, then set the clock to the
next day and ask again. Wait until a day when Tom is buying for
over 1000 Bell, but do not set the clock more than a week ahead or
the Turnips will spoil. Sell all your Turnips for the profit. Save
and take the money back to Game A. Use the money to buy more
turnips. Go back and sell them again. Because you are saving the
travel data, it does not matter that the days do not match up. You
can make over 30,000,000 Bell doing this.

Note: This trick requires two memory cards. If you have wasted all
your days with your Turnips and they are about to become useless,
you can switch towns then keep checking how much the price is.
Once it is at a good price, return to your first town, take a trip
there, and sell all your Turnips.

Try to fish, dig Bells, and work for people until the evening,
when you would barely get anything. Go to the Animal Crossing Menu
and change the time back to 4:00 when the best fish and bugs
appear. It is better if it rains. Then, change to one day ahead to
make a lot of money. This is also a good way to pay off the debt
to Tom Nook and buy furniture for your house. Make sure that you
pull weeds that you see to stop them from growing. Use the shovel
to stop weeds from growing from a location permanently. When your
ready, put your time and day back. You will always get new mail
and offers from Tom Nook. This is another good way to get your
home and Tom Nook's shop remodeled. Whatever you did in those days
like make the shop larger, and will stay the way it was when you
visited the future. You should make about 50,000 Bells in about
five hours while in the future.

Use the following trick to get easy money and a lot of fossils.
Find three fossils and mail them to the Museum. On the day that
they arrive back in the mail, open them and see what you get, as
usual. If the Museum needs it, give it to them. If not, sell it to
Nook. Then, go back to your personal Gyroid Assistant and save the
game. Reset the Gamecube with the cover open so the system menu
appears. Set the date back one day, and start the game again.
Check your mail, do whatever you want with the fossils, then save
and restart the Gamecube again. Set the date back to the current
day and restart the game. Do this until the Museum is full, or you
no longer want to continue with the trick. Note: If you reset the
game date by using the option the game provides (before you start
your game), sometimes your fossils will not be sent to you in the
mail and you will not find any for awhile. The game knows when you
are cheating this way, and reflects this with less valuable items.
Information in this section was contributed by Wolfe Masters.
Take fruit from one town and sell it to Nook at another town. You
will get paid five times as much for it. Note: This only works if
each town has different fruits.

Get fruit other than the type that naturally grows in your town.
Do this by visiting other towns or getting one from a person in
your town when you talk to them. Bury them and they will grow into
trees that give off three pieces of that fruit every few days.
Each is worth 500 Bells. Do not crowd trees in too close. This
usually causes them to not grow. You can set the clock forward to
grow trees faster and to make the fruit reappear quicker. Fruit
trees successfully grow almost all of the time.

Take several pieces of fruit and plant them on your island. When
they grow into trees, do not shake the fruit off. Instead, let
them stay there so that during the hours of 7 p.m. and 8 a.m., you
can go to the island and catch beetles that are attracted to the
fruit. Since there are only three to five trees for them to crawl
on, the odds of a beetle appearing will increase significantly.
Each beetle is worth at least 1350 Bells, except the Drone Beetle.
You can catch thousands of Bells worth of beetles. However, if you
shake the fruit off the trees, the beetles will not appear.

Plant a pear tree on the island. Let it grow then return with your
net only after 5:30. Make sure it is not raining. Go to the pear
tree and look for the Evening Cicada. It is worth 850 Bells. After
you catch one, go to another panel and immediately go back. There
will be another keep. Catching them until your inventory is full.
You can make up to 70,000 Bells in one hour.

Get a fishing pole, and on a rainy day, go to the ocean and catch
a fish that is worth 15,000 Bells. it takes time to see the big
fish, but he will be there. You can also catch an orange fish
worth 3,000 Bells, and a Barred Knife Jaws worth 5,000 Bells. If
you catch a Sea Bass, throw it back, and keep fishing until you
catch the good ones.

Another fish to catch is the Large Char. It is worth 10,000 Bells.
You can catch those at the waterfall or at different places for
different people. If you see a big shadow in the water, it is a
fish worth 10,000 to 15,000 Bells.

Go down to the shore and start fishing. If you catch a Sea Bass,
throw it back because it is worthless. If you catch the really big
fish that sells for 15,000 Bells, give it to the Museum. This will
increase the chances of you catching it again.

This trick requires a Game Boy Advance. Link your Game Boy Advance
into the Gamecube and go to the island with only a fishing rod. Go
there only to fish, and only keep Red Snappers, Knifejaws, and
Coelacanths. Throw back all Sea Bass and put all the Boots you get
in the beach house. It is possible to make 100,000 Bells in one

Shake every tree that you can to get its items. If a bees nest
falls out, take out your bug net. You can catch a single bee for
4,500 Bells

Play the game after it is dark and go to the waterfall. There will
be a fish called a Large Char which sells for 10,000 Bells each.
They are common to catch, and you can make about 100,000 Bells in
about five hours.

If you look on your map, you will see a flashing, golden spot
somewhere. If you can find the location, dig there to receive
1,000 Bells. If you do not dig there every day, the spot will
disappear. Eventually, the spot will become a hole. Plant a money
bag and eventually a Money Tree will grow from the golden spot. If
you plant a shovel at the golden spot, eventually a Golden Shovel
Tree will grow. The Golden Shovel Tree is the only way to acquire
the Golden Shovel, which can be used (dig with it at the golden
spot to receive more than 1,000 bells) or sold.

If you look around your town in every acre, you will eventually
find a flashing golden spot in the ground. If you find the
location, dig there to receive 1,000 Bells. If you have saved over
99,999 Bells in your town, you will get a separate bag filled with
30,000 bells so you can keep saving up to 99,999 Bells. Each time
you get up to 99,999 Bells, you will get a separate bag of 30,000
bells which lowers your cash to about 70,000 Bells. Do not worry -
- even when it shows the separate bag(s) your items screen states
you only have 70,000 Bells, whenever you go back to Tom Nook's
shop your money will be the 30,000 Bell bag(s) plus what the game
says you have saved in your items screen. Now, instead of burying
the 1,000 Bells, bury the 30,000 Bells. When the tree grows, there
will be a total of three 30,000 Bell bags in it. Shake that tree.
This will add to your total bells in the items screen. Note: If
you save too much Bells, your item screen will fill up with the
30,000 Bell bags. You may want to store some of the bags inside
your house. If you do not have 99,999 Bells saved, you can go to
your items screen, put the hand to the money, and click it. Select
10,000, 1,000, or 100 bells and you can bury those also.

Find a rock that turns red when you hit it. Dig two holes in a "V"
shape. Have the bottom point on the "V" as the rock and the two
other points at the holes that you dig. The holes keep you from
moving backwards from the recoil. You can hit the rock as fast as
possible. It is possible to get about 13,000 Bells per day by
doing this.

If you get your item screen with three pears, sell it to Tom Nook.
He will give you 100 Bells for each one. With a total of 15, that
is 1,500 Bells.

Get seashells and sell them. Then go to town and repeat to get

Set the clock to December 24 at 8:00 p.m. and make sure you have
ten outfits (including what you are wearing). Find and talk to
Jingle five times. On the fifth time, he will give you a present
based on what your three answers were (foldable things are
clothes, woven things is carpet, printed things is wallpaper, and
big things is furniture). Immediately change clothes and talk to
him again. Every time you change, he will give you a present. You
can get up to ten presents that sell for 12,240 Bells each. Then,
set the clock back to 7:59 p.m. and repeat the process. You can
make up to 500,000 Bells in two hours.

Set the date and time to Thanksgiving at 3 p.m. and steal the
silverware. Talk to a villager that did not go to the feast until
they tell you a hint to Franklin's location. Give him the
silverware to get a piece of the harvest series. Repeat until you
have the whole set, including wallpaper and carpet, then sell the
set to Tom Nook. You can get over 500,000 Bells by doing this.
Store money bags in your house or bury it.

Duplicate money and items
This trick requires two Game Boy Advances and a link cable.
Connect Game Boy Advance #1 to the Gamecube using your link cable
and turn it on. Go to your island (located on the dock at the edge
of the ocean). When you finally get to the island, drop off the
item or money that you wish to duplicate. Leave the island. When
Kapp'n asks if you want to save your island to your Game Boy
Advance, select "Yes". After it is done downloading to your Game
Boy Advance, you can put it in sleep mode, disconnect it, and set
it aside. When you get back to your town, attach Game Boy Advance
#2 and turn it on. Leave that screen then immediately return to
it. Talk to Kapp'n to go back to your island. After you start
leaving you can turn Game Boy Advance #2 off. When you get to your
island, pick up the item that you left there then leave the island
again. This time when Kapp'n asks you to save your island to your
Game Boy Advance, answer "No". When you get back to your town,
disconnect Game Boy Advance #2 and connect Game Boy Advance #1
(make sure it is not in sleep mode). Leave the screen and return.
Talk to Kapp'n once more. Your island should upload from your Game
Boy Advance. When you get to your island, your item will be there
again and you will already have it in your pockets. Pick up your
item from the ground. You now have two of them. This will also
work with multiple items.

This trick requires only one Game Boy Advance and a link cable.
Connect the Game Boy Advance to the Gamecube using your link cable
and turn it on. Go to your island (located on the dock at the edge
of the ocean). When you finally get to the island, drop off the
item or money that you wish to duplicate. Leave the island. When
Kapp'n asks if you want to save your island to your Game Boy
Advance, select "Yes". After it is done downloading, do not press
anything on the Game Boy Advance. When you get back to your town,
leave that screen, then immediately return to it. Talk to Kapp'n
to go back to your island. He will ask what happened to the island
in your Game Boy Advance. Chose to go to a different island. When
you get to your island, pick up the item that you left there, then
leave the island again. This time when Kapp'n asks you to save
your island to your Game Boy Advance, answer "No". When you get
back to your town press A on your Game Boy Advance. Leave the
screen and return. Talk to Kapp'n once more. Your island should
upload from your Game Boy Advance. When you get to your island,
your item will be there again and you will already have it in your
pockets. Pick up your item from the ground. You now have two of
them. This will also work with multiple items.

No room for money
If you find money and have no room, try picking it up and select
"Swap". Then, put it in you wallet instead.

More room for items
If your pockets are too full to carry any more items, attach extra
items to your mail and retrieve them later when you have gotten
rid of some other items. This allows you to carry up to ten
additional items and is especially helpful when gathering and
selling fruit from other towns.

Easy items
One of the best ways to get new items that you cannot buy is to do
work for the residents, and do it often. Do their little chores
and they will (more often than not) reward you with things that
are hard to come by in Nook's store.

At the beginning of the game, at some point when you are working
for Tim Nook he will allow you to do errands for the other
townsfolk. At any other part of the game, you will have to wait a
good while between errands for the same person. However, during
this time you can do several errands in a row for the same person,
allowing you to get some great items quickly.

Talk to people whenever you are near them. Sometimes they will ask
you if you want to take a table or some clothes or other things
off their hands. Also, do errands for people often. If there are
no errands available you will only have to wait ten minutes.

Check the town bulletin board often. Check with Officer Cooper
frequently to see when Wendel, Redd, or anyone else is in town.

Go to the dump on garbage day. There will be items there that you
can take.

If you go to the Police Department, there will sometimes be lost
items that you can take.

Quick item
To get something you ordered the day that you ordered it, save,
continue, then reset the game. After you talk to Mr. Resetti, your
items will be in the mail.

This trick requires two memory cards with saved game data on each
one. If you ordered something through mail order at Tom Nook's
store and want to get it immediately, travel to the other town on
the other memory card then immediately travel back. The item you
ordered should be in your mailbox.

Get mail quicker
Speak to your Gyroid, save, and quit. Let the game play through
the opening title screen again. When you get back to your house,
the item will be in your mail.

Getting NES games
Talk to the townspeople until they ask you when your birthday is.
Most of them will say something similar to "How would you like a
train set for your birthday?" Answer "Yes" and you will put in
your birthday. On your birthday, one of the townsfolk will be
outside your house. He or she will present you with a NES. For
example, Virgos will get Donkey Kong.

Easy Gyroids
Three memory cards are required for this trick. One memory card
needs to have your saved game in it. This will be card A. Use a
second memory card for traveling data, as card B in slot B. When
you travel to the new town you have to create, you will use this
card. Note: This card will always remain in slot B. Put your third
memory card (card C) in slot A, then create a new game and after
your able to save, save the game. Then, put card A into slot A and
start the game. Go to your Gyroid assistant then save and
continue. Next, go to the train station and talk to Porter and say
you want to take a trip. Wait until the title screen appears, then
put card C into slot A and start playing. You will be in your
saved game with your card A character. Then, look for all the
treasures. There are eight total; three Gyroids and other items.

Growing a money tree
First, find a glowing piece of earth. Dig it up and you get a
money bag. Plant the money bag in the glowing hole and a seedling
will sprout, which will grow in to a money tree.

For a super money try, get 30,000 Bells. Find a glowing spot and
enter the item screen. Get the cursor and click on your amount of
Bells. Choose 30,000, take it out, and plant it in the glowing
spot. In a couple days it will be full grown and have three bags
of 30,000 Bells.

Golden Axe
Get your town rating to be "Perfect" for two entire weeks. The
Golden Axe is indestructible.

Golden Net
Catch all 40 types of bugs. Note: You will also get a metal
butterfly for the side of your house.

Golden Rod
Catch all 40 types of fish. Note: You will also get a weathervane
for your house.

Golden Shovel
First, buy two shovels. Find a piece of glowing earth and dig it
up. Then, plant a shovel in the glowing earth.

Carry the Golden Shovel around with you at all times. There is a
25% chance you will dig up Bells at location in your town when you
dig a hole. It is also indestructible.

When you upgrade to a two story house and pay off all your debt
(798,000 Bells), Tom Nook will make a Golden Statue of you in
front of the Train Station. It is very shiny, even in the winter.

Note: The second player to pay off their debts in that game will
have a Silver Statue. The third player to do so will get a Bronze
Statue. However, the fourth player will not get anything.

On some days, you will see a balloon floating in the air with a
present tied to it. Follow it until it gets stuck in a tree. If
this happens, shake the tree to pop the balloon and the present
will fall to the ground. Then, pick up the present. Note: Most of
the time it is furniture

Make sure you do not send more then three fossils to the Museum
for identification. They will only identify the first three and
you will have lost the fourth. Save that fossil for another day.

If you do not have any stationary, you cannot dig up fossils. If
you do not like to spend money buying stationary to send in
fossils, sell your stationary. You will never get a fossil again.

Talk to Mail Bird
If you send letters and fill up all the places in the Post Office,
leave quickly and you may can catch the Mail Bird before he takes
off to deliver the letters. If you miss him, wait for a bit and
you may be able to catch him stopping at your house and delivering
letters to you or anyone else who may have occupied one of the
four free houses.

Wait by the message board at 9 a.m. or 5 p.m. and Pete the mailman
will fly by and tell you a little about his social life.

If you are not catching the fish you want to catch, move to
another section of the map and fish there. Some fish are only
found in certain areas.

When fishing, do not actually reel in the fish (press A) until you
see the bobber go under the water.

Fish at the ocean in the rain. You have a much greater chance of
catching the Coelacanth. They sell for 15,000 Bells a fish. Also,
you have a greater chance of catching the Barred Knifejaw and Red
Snapper. They sell for 5,000 Bells and 3,000 Bells respectively.
Generally, fishing in the rain is much easier, but in the ocean,
for easy money. Also, its easier to fish at night.

When it is raining, you have better chance of catching a fish
worth 15,000 Bells.

When you go fishing and a fish bites at the bait, it only bites
five times. If it nips at it four times, press A on the fifth time
automatically. Five times is always the maximum number of times
they bite.

Winning the Fishing Tourney
Catch a Bass as early as possible on one of the Fishing Tourney
days. Bring it to Chip. If it is the largest so far, pause game
play and allow it to idle until the Fishing Tourney is over.

Favorite fish
Every villager likes a certain type of fish and will trade you
items, ask you to give it to them, or buy it from you. Tank's
favorite is the Koi.

Arawona fish
The Arawona fish is worth 10,000 Bells if sold at Nook's Shop. To
find it, set the date and time to 5:00 P.M. on July 1. Fish around
Hambo's house. Sooner or later, you will find an Arawana fish.
Their shadows are about as large as a Barbel Steed's.

Snakehead fish
Go fishing at night on a clear day in the Summer at the giant
pond. There is a very good chance you will see a giant shadow.
This shadow is almost as big as the Coelacanth. It will be the
giant Snakehead.

The Stringfish is worth 15,000 Bells when sold to Nook.

The best time and place to catch the Stringfish is where the river
first commences (by the train tracks) around 4:00 p.m. to 9:00
a.m. from December to February. Keep switching screens back and
forth until you find to a huge shadow (about the size of a
Coelacanth) then cast your line out. If you do not get it, keep
trying by scaring away the smaller fish until you find it again.
You can earn 45,000 Bells in just under an hour.

Fish prices
The following are fish prices that Mr. Nook gives you in Bells.

Barbel Steed 200 Bells
Barred Knifejaw 5,000 Bells
Bass 300 Bells
Bitterling 1,300 Bells
Blue Gill 120 Bells
Brook Trout 150 Bells
Carp 300 Bells
Cherry Salmon 1,300 Bells
Crucian Carp 120 Bells
Dace 200 Bells
Freshwater Goby 300 Bells
Giant Snakehead 6,500 Bells
Gold Fish 1,300 Bells
Guppy 1,300 Bells
Koi: 2,000 Bells
L. Bass 3,000 Bells
L. Char 10,000 Bells
Piranha 6,500 Bells
Plae Chub 200 Bells
Pond Smelt 300 Bells
Popeye Gold Fish 1,300 Bells
Rainbow Trout 650 Bells
Red Snapper 3,000 Bells
S. Bass 200 Bells
Sea Bass 120 Bells

Fish locations and times
River, Pond
Angelfish: May-October, 4 pm-9 am
Arapaima: July to first half of September, 4 pm to 9 am
Arowana: June to September, 4 am to 9 am
Barbel Steed: All year, all day
Bass: All year, all day
Bitterling: December to February, 4 am to 9 pm
Bluegill: All year, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Brook Trout: All year, all day
Carp: All year, all day
Catfish: All year, all day
Cherry Salmon: March to June, 4 am to 9 am
Crawfish: April to first half of September, all day
Crucian carp: All year, all day
Dace: All year, 4:00 pm to 9:00 am
Eel: July to Aug. 9 pm to 4 am
Freshwater Goby: All year, all day
Frog (holding pond): May to August, all day
Giant Catfish: June to August, 4 pm to 9 am
Giant Snakehead: July to August, 9 am to 4 pm
Goldfish: All year, all day
Guppy: April to November 9 am to 4 pm
Killifish (holding pond): April to August, all day
Koi: All year, all day
Large Bass: All year, all day
Large Char (waterfall): March to June, 4 am to 9 pm
Loach: May, 9 am to 4 pm
Pale Chub: All year, 9 am to 4 pm
Pirahna: June to September, 9 am to 4 pm
Pond Smelt: December to February, 4 am to 9 pm
Popeyed Goldfish: September, 9 am to 4 pm
Rainbow Trout: March to April; September to October, 4 am to 9 am
Salmon: September, all day
Small Bass: All year, all day
Stringfish: December to February, 4 pm to 9 am
Sweetfish: July to August, 4 am to 9 pm
Sea Bass: All year, all day
Coelacanth: (when raining) All year, 4 pm to 9 am
Jellyfish: Second half of August, all day
Red Snapper: April to June, 4 pm to 9 am
Barred Knifejaw: March to November 4 am to 9 am

Gulliver's items and Tom Nook's purchasing prices
Arc de Triomphe: 2,300 Bells
Bottled Ship: 840 Bells
Chinese Lion: 1,200 Bells
Chinese Lioness: 1,800 Bells
Compass: 320 Bells
Fishing Bear: 680 Bells
Lady Liberty: 2,300 Bells
Manekin Pis: 1,300 Bells
Matryoshka: 980 Bells
Merlion: 2,300 Bells
Mermaid Statue: 1,900 Bells
Moai Statue: 1,900 Bells
Mouth of Truth: 1,900 Bells
Pagoda: 1,280 Bells
Plate Armor: 1,850 Bells
Shogi Piece: 1,250 Bells
Stone Coin: 1,400 Bells
Tiger Bobblehead: 580 Bells
Tokyo Tower: 1,150 Bells
Tower of Pisa: 2,300 Bells
Tribal Mask: 1,100 Bells

Redd's items
These items can only be obtained at Redd's. Everything else you
see at his tent is a normal item and can also be obtained at Tom
Aiko Figurine
Amazing Painting
Backyard Pool
Balloon Fight (NES)
Basic Painting
Black Bishop
Black Knight
Black Rook
Blue Bed
Blue Table
Cabana Bed
Cabana Chair
Cabin Chair
Cabin Dresser
Classic Vanity
Classic Wardrobe
Clu Clu Land (NES)
Common Painting
Dainty Painting
Deer Scare
Dice Stereo
Ebony Piano
Exotic Bed
Exotic Table
Famous Painting
Flowery Painting
Frog Woman Pole
Golf (NES)
Green Dresser
Green Wardrobe
High-End Stereo
Judge's Bell
Kiddie Bed
Kiddie Clock
Lawn Mower
Letter Cubby
Lovely Armoire
Lovely End Table
Lovely Stereo
Luigi Trophy
Modern End Table
Modern Wardrobe
Moving Painting
NES Console
Pinball (NES)
Quaint Painting
Ranch Chair
Ranch Dresser
Red Corner
Regal Bed
Regal Chair
Saddle Fence
Scary Painting
Steam Roller
Super Toilet
Tanabata Palm
Tinpano Drum
White Bishop
White Knight
White Rook
Wide-Screen TV

On different days, you can find a bird washed up on shore,
unconscious on the beach. Talk to him and he will give you a piece
of furniture you can find anywhere.

On the fourth Thursday in November, at 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.,
Tortimer invites a turkey to town to be the main course. The
turkey appears, and he will ask you to steal a pair of knives and
forks. You must go to the wishing well and steal the pair of
cutlery. You must give them back to him, and the villagers who are
not at the feast will give you hints as to where he is located.
For example, if they say "I saw this strange guy in Acre C, you'd
better go check it out", search every acre in the row of Acre C.
You can steal the knife and fork as many times as desired, and get
as much Harvest Series Furniture as needed.

The best way to get full sets of furniture is to make sure all
your debts are paid off then make sure you always have 10,000
Bells available at all times. Every day, go to Nook's and buy all
the furniture you do not have. Then, sell it all back for a lower
price. You may get down to about 6,000 Bells. Go fishing until you
get to 10,000 Bells again. If you get more, deposit it in the bank
(being the Post Office) then do the same thing the next day.
Later, after you have done this frequently, look at your catalog
and see what you have unlocked. Then, start ordering sets to
increase your HRA rating.

Every day on your city, there is at least one piece of furniture
hidden in a tree. It is usually always in a tree that is never
shaken that often, in a corner, or in a place where it is a burden
to walk there. When you shake trees, you have a chance to find all
of four things: furniture (20%), 100 Bells (30%), bees (40%) and
nothing (10%).

When there is snow on the ground, preferably in December, find a
snowball roll it up very big. Then, go around and find another
snowball. Roll it up slightly smaller than the first one. If you
done correctly, the snowman will give you some furniture.

Use the following trick to get rare furniture. It is very time
consuming and requires two memory cards, one with your town data
and another that you can put a new town on. Go to any trading
message board and see what people are trading. If you see
something that you really want, create a town and character with
exactly the same as the person receiving the good item. Once you
do your chores for Tom Nook, tell him the code from earlier. You
can send this item over to your main town using the password
option. Now that you have the desired item in your possession, you
can delete your second town if desired. Also, when you send it to
yourself, you can keep telling Nook the code repeatedly, and you
will keep getting the item (up to three, then you must save and
quit to get any more). This also works with any other trading

Leave a piece of candy sitting on the ground outside your house
for a while. There will be ants crawling on the candy when you
return, unless it is raining. Leave the candy on the ground and
you can walk back and forth in and out of the screen. When you
return, there will be more ants every time. You can scoop up an
ant and donate it to the Museum or sell it at Nook's shop for 80
Bells each. Although this is not a lot, you can catch a lot of
ants quickly, and they can add up.

Buy some turnips and let them spoil. You can do this by keeping
them in your pocket for awhile or waiting for the week to end.
Then, take them to the dump and leave them. Leave the screen, then
return. There will be ants on them or a roach that you can catch
and put in the museum. Do not sell the roach, as Nook will only
give you 5 Bells for it.

Bag Worm
If you shake all the trees, you may find a bug that hangs down
like a cocoon. Catch and donate it to the Museum. The bug is
called a bag worm. It is fairly rare and hard to find. You will
probably be stung trying this. When the bees chase you, turn in
the opposite direction of them when they are approaching. When
they get close, snap down your net and they will swing around you
and go into the net. They are worth 4,500 Bells each.

Once you have donated a dragonfly to the Museum, go to the insect
section of the Museum. Remain still by the dragonfly. It should
land on your head. Stay still, or it will fly away. This may also
work with a dragonfly outside.

Locate a hole where you normally find fossils. Instead of a
fossil, sometimes you will get a Gyroid.

When you plant more that five flowers around your house, Ladybugs
will appear and sit on them in the spring.

If you are having trouble catching locusts, sneak up behind it.
Sell it at Nook's place for 1,250 Bells.

Mole Cricket
While you are walking, you may hear an odd buzzing sound. Dig
immediately at that instant to have about a 50% chance of digging
up the Mole Cricket. Donate it to Bathers at the local Museum.
There is also a chance that this is a false alarm, in which chase
you may dig up 100 Bells instead.

Every now and then when you walk around, you will hear a low
pitched buzzing but will not be able to locate an insect. This is
a Mole Cricket, which is buried somewhere in the acre. You need to
dig all over the place to find it. Often, this can take a lot of
work. However, if a villager is in the acre, sometimes they can
help. Villagers will often stare at insects or fish when they are
close to them. If you hear the buzzing and see a villager staring
at a certain spot, dig there and you will find the Mole Cricket.

Sometimes when you hit a rock with your shovel, a little black dot
will pop out. The dot is a Pillbug, which can be sold at Nook's
for 250 Bells. You will have to change from your shovel to your
net to catch it. However, it will be easy to catch because it does
not run away.

If you do not play the game in a week or two, roaches will start
appearing in your house.

Every night between 12 and 4, there is a ghost somewhere in town.
You cannot see him until you will step where he is standing. He
will ask you to catch five ghouls for him before 4 o'clock. If you
do so, you can get a prize, roof painting, or he will remove all
the weeds in your town.

This item is used to trick your friends that also live in your
village. To use it, dig a hole with a shovel, and then bury the
Pitfall. Whenever your friend moves around in the village and runs
over it, they will fall in the hole. However, if your friend sees
that there is an item there, they can also dig it up and use the
same trick on you. Place this behind houses and trees where
shortcuts are usually taken to increase the chance that your
friend will fall in. Once someone falls in, the Pitfall is used
and cannot be reused until found again.

To get a free Umbrella, design a pattern. Go to your patterns then
select "Use" on the pattern you created. Select "Use On Umbrella"
and your character will magically have an umbrella in his or her
hand. Note: It disappears if you take it off.

Free patterns
This trick requires a Game Boy Advance and link cable. Do some
chores for the residents to earn some items and sell them to Tom
Nook. Do this until you have at least 5,000 Bells. Then, go to the
tailors and talk to Mable. Select "Other Things" then choose
"Download Tools". Next, draw your design on your Game Boy Advance
and save it. It is a free pattern. Then, talk to Mable again and
go to "Upload Pattern". Select the one you desire and transfer it.
Close the screen and try your new outfit. You can do this as many
times as desired.

Hear every song
Make sure you cannot carry anymore items when Totakeke gets to
town on Saturday nights. Talk to him and he will play a song.
Afterwards, he will notice that you do not have room for the
Aircheck. He will tell you to return later. Talk to him again, and
he will play a different song. Repeat this until you have heard a
song that you like, then drop an item. Talk to him again and
request the song you enjoyed.

Get more than one song per Saturday
This trick requires at least two memory cards. Have two towns
saved, one on each card. At 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, get a song from
Totakeke, then go to the other town and get one there. If desired,
repeatedly delete the second town, make a new one on the second
card, and get a new song each time.

Get more than one of K.K. Slider's songs
On Saturday from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., visit another town and
get a song from K.K. Slider. Leave that town, then repeat the
process. You can over 30 songs in one night.

Secret K.K. Slider songs
There are four secret songs that Totakeke will not play unless you
request them. They are: I Love You, K.K. Song, Two Days Ago, and
Only Me.

The song called "K.K. Song" is actually the theme from the SNES
game Mario Paint.

K. K. Slider's songs
Aloha KK KK Etude KK Song
Cafe KK KK Faire KK Soul
Comrade KK KK Folk KK Steppe
DJ KK KK Fusion KK Swing
Go KK Rider! KK Gumbo KK Tango
I Love You KK Jazz KK Technopop
Imperial KK KK Lament KK Waltz
KK Aria KK Love Song KK Western
KK Ballad KK Lullaby Lucky KK
KK Blues KK Mambo Mr. KK
KK Bossa KK March Only Me
KK Calypso KK Parade Rockin' KK
KK Casbah KK Ragtime Senor KK
KK Chorale KK Reggae Surfin' KK
KK Condor KK Rock The K Funk
KK Country KK Safari Two Days Ago
KK Cruisin' KK Salsa
KK D & B KK Samba
KK Dirge KK Ska

Getting K.K. Slider songs faster
K.K. Slider has 55 songs. Since you only get them each Saturday
(sometimes as rewards for jobs, but not likely), it would normally
take over a year to get them all. However, you can use the
following tricks to get them all quicker. The faster method is
sell all your turnips. Then, set the game clock to Saturday at
8:00 p.m. Get a song. Then, quit, return, and set it to the next
Saturday at 8:00 . Repeat until you have all 55 songs. If you do
not want to change the clock, use the following method. Start all
four characters in your town. Each Saturday, get a song with each
of them and give them all to one person by mail or leaving it for
free with a Gyroid. Also, start four players in other towns and
give the songs via secret codes. You can also go to other towns on
Saturday nights. The more of these you do, the more songs you can
get faster.

Able Sisters
Go to Able Sisters and press A besides one of the designs they
made. Say "Display Mine", and pick one of your favorite designs
that you created. They will now have your design in their store.
People who live in your town now may wear your the design you

Go to the Able Sisters and talk to the blue hedgehog. Go to
"Design Pattern", to create your own design. It costs 350 Bells to
make one.

Go to the Able sisters shop and design a pattern. When you have
completed the pattern, go into your inventory and click on the
pencil icon. Select a pattern and it will give you the option to
use the pattern on your clothes or umbrella. If you are in you
house, you can use your pattern as wallpaper or carpet.

Sable of the Able Sisters
Sable (the one behind the sewing machine) will at first be shy and
unwilling to talk to you. If you visit the Able Sisters a lot and
design many clothing patterns, she will eventually be much more
friendly towards you and reveal some details about her past, such
as how old Sable and Mable are, what happened to their parents,
and other facts.

Blanca the no faced cat
Note: This trick requires someone else's town data. To make this
easier, put your town data in the memory card in slot A, and your
friend's memory card with town data in slot B. Start the game,
pack some items, and go to the Porter the monkey at the train
station. Say "I'm taking a trip", and you will be boarded on the
train. Rover or Blanca will appear. If Rover appears, he will ask
you some questions that you can answer easily. Sometimes when you
are on the train, a white cat will appear and sit on the available
seat near you. Her name will be Blanca. She will have no face.
Blanca will ask you what are you staring at. Say something with a
lot of detail about her face. She will let you design a face (you
will have to know how to draw on an Animal Crossing tablet), with
ears already there. Do not erase the circle -- draw in it. When
you are finished, the face that you drew will be on her face,
slightly stretched. Her mouth cannot move while she talks, and
there are numerous eyes to choose from.

On Halloween, all the townspeople dress as pumpkin-headed ghouls.
One of the pumpkin-heads, however, is really a spirit named Jack.
If you find Jack (he is the only one who does not immediately
approach you) and give him candy, he will give you a rare piece of
Spooky Series furniture. If you want more furniture, repeat the
process. You can buy candy from Tom Nook starting ten days before

Katrina's Fortunes and their effects
Love: Villagers of the opposite sex will take a liking to you.
Unpopular: Villagers will act coldly towards you.
Lucky Finances: You will earn and find more Bells than normal.
Lucky Materials: It will become easier to acquire rare items.
Unlucky: You will fall down a lot.

Katrina: Zelda reference
If you look carefully when you go to see Katrina, you will see the
Triforce on the floor and on the back wall.

More presents from Santa
If you go to Santa, he will give you a present. Keep changing
clothes and return. He will think you are a different person and
keep giving more presents.

Get money bags without Tom Nook
Enter the inventory and go up to the Bells. Press A and you can
chose a money bag. Note: You must have that amount.

During the winter, Tortimer the mayor, may take a vacation and ask
you to watch the lighthouse while he is away. It will be up to you
to light in every day. If you do a good job, he may give you
chocolates and the Lighthouse Model.

Completing the Museum
If you manage to donate every fish, insect, fossil, and painting
in the game to the Museum, you will receive the Museum Model.

Museum: Tip: 2D trees
Go to the museum and enter the bug exhibit. Walk up to a tree and
zoom in. Rotate the camera and notice that the image of the tree
does not change with the rotation. All of the trees is the game
are 2D.

Museum: C-Notes
Go to the museum and enter the fish exhibit. Walk to the back wall
near the middle left side. Zoom in and look against the back wall.
There are small circles there that appear to be C-buttons from the
Nintendo 64 controller.

Nook's Store
The following are the expansions for Tom Nook's store and how to
obtain them:

Nook's Cranny: Available at start.
Nook 'n Go: Spend 25,000 Bells worth of merchandise.
Nookway: Spend 65,000 Bells worth of merchandise.
Nookingtons: Spend 150,000 bells worth of merchandise and have a
friend from another village buy something from the store.
Nookington's has two floors and in addition to Tom Nook, smaller
raccoons (possibly Nook's sons) named Timmy and Tommy. They help
you buy furniture on the second floor and always repeat each
Note: The only way to get the highest level of Tom Nook's store
(Nookington's) is to have his transactions reach 150,000 Bells;
and a visitor from another town visits Nookway.

Sell multiple items to Tom Nook simultaneously
Note: This also works for dropping multiple items if you need to
clear some pocket space. Go to Nook's Store as usual. Approach Mr.
Nook, and when he asks what he can help you with, tell him you
wish to sell an item as usual. When your inventory screen appears,
use the pointer to indicate the item you wish to sell, however
instead of pressing A, press X. It will now be highlighted with a
green circle. Do this with each of the items that you wish to
sell. When you get to the last item you wish to sell and have
highlighted it, keep the pointer over that item and press the A.
Choose "Sell All," and Mr. Nook will total up his purchase price
for everything and then let you accept or decline the amount.

Post Office bank
After paying off your last house debt to Tom Nook, the Bank will
allow you to store extra money at the Post Office. After
depositing enough money, you will receive the following prizes:

1,000,000 Bells: Tissue
10,000,000 Bells: Piggy Bank
100,000,000 Bells: Mailbox
999,999,999 Bells: Post Office Model

Increase HRA rating
Catch an expensive fish such as the Coelacanth and choose to put
it in your house. It will boost your HRA rating. However, if you
put a large number of them in one room, the HRA will not like it
that much. The more points you get from the HRA, the better. If
you reach 70,000, they will send you a lot of Bells as a prize.
After that, if you hit 150,000 you will get an even bigger prize.

If you happen to acquire a Black Queen, do not sell it to Nook.
Although it costs you 23,400 Bells to buy it back, it is better
that you keep it. If you get it. put it anywhere in your main room
and it will increase your HRA rating by about 5,000 to 7,000
points. Once you get more money, buy up to three of them and put
them in your house, increasing your HRA rating by an astounding
30,000 points which will surely get you the prize for the 70,000.
Also, place all the items you get from Tortiemer the mayor
(Turtle) anywhere in your room along with what you get from the
"Fallen Sailor" that is randomly found on the beach. When you put
them in your house, place them anywhere because the HRA will not
classify it as a "Mess On The Floor".

If you are having trouble getting HRA points, try the following.
If you dig up a Gyroid, do not sell it. The Gyroids rank up over
820 points with the HRA. Also if you have told at least one animal
your birthday, you will receive a birthday cake. The HRA gives you
1000 points for each cake. Also, if a special event happens, talk
to Tortimor and he will give you a rare item. They are worth from
1031 to 1111 points.

Second house
This trick requires a Game Boy Advance and a link cable. Turn on
the Game Boy Advance, then talk to Kappn. Go to the island. There
are two houses there. In one of the houses lives the island
native. The other house is empty. Drop your stuff inside and acts
as like a second house. Note: The second house is as big as the
basement or second upgrade of your normal house.

Upgrade to a larger house
Pay off all your debt to Nook then talk to him. He will thank you
for paying it off then ask if you want a bigger house. Answer
"Yes" and he will tell you to wait one day. Your house will then
be bigger.

After you have enlarged your house the first time and pay that
off, Tom Nook will ask if you want a basement or if you want to
enlarge your house again. Choose the basement because it is a lot
cheaper to pay off than the 380,000 bells for enlarging your home.
You will then have a big basement to store your items in that the
HR does not score you on. After paying that off, choose to enlarge
your house and pay off the 380,000 bells.

Once you first pay off your house to Tom Nook, do not get the
basement. Get the enlargement instead, because it will help your
HRA rating and it costs less. The basement is not judged.

Store more items in your house
If your house cannot hold any more items and your Gyroid is also
full, save the old letters you receive from the Museum, HRA, Mom,
etc. Then, take the items you do not want to lose and attach them
to the old letters. Then, go to the Post Office and select "Save A
Letter." The game will actually be saving the item you did not
want to lose (the Harvest Moon, the Autumn Medal, etc.) There are
over 100 places to save a letter.
Information in this section was contributed by John Wallace.

If you have a lot of items in your basement and cannot add
anything else, it is much easier to spend some money ordering
wardrobes to put things in. It will be expensive, but you will
have three times more room if you put all the items in the
wardrobe. It is better to get one squared wardrobes instead of the
two squared, as the two squared holds the same amount as the one.
You cannot put furniture, fish, or bugs in them, but most
everything else can go inside. Make sure to put leave enough room
to walk and to open the wardrobes.

Leaving tools with the Island Animal
If you leave some tools with the Island Animal and then use the
Game Boy Advance, the native will be able to use them. For
example, he or she will be able to dig up items and fish for
treasure. One such treasure may be an NES game.

Cheating the animals
If an animal asks you to play a game where you have to guess
something for all your money, you can cheat by attaching most of
your money into old letters. This way, they can only take the
money in your wallet.

Get animals to move to your town
If you have a lot of weeds and your town lacks green and flowers,
you will not have animals move to your town as often. Also, be
nice to the ones that are in your town.

If you stay on the Animal Island (through a Game Boy Advance and
link cable) for about an hour or two, you will eventually get a
nice tan. However, none of the animals seem to notice it.

Keep axe from breaking
When your axe breaks while you are cutting a tree, you do not have
to buy another one. When you hear the axe break, immediately press
Start and put your axe away. This will stop it from breaking

Be very careful about saving you game after visiting a friend's
village. If you reset the game or lose power while in a different
village, you will lose all the items and money in your inventory.
You will also turn into a strange zombie-looking character (which
lasts about a day)

Flashing character
If you have a Starman in your house, press A while standing in
front of it to play the Starman theme music from Super Mario Bros.
Your character will also start to flash, as if he or she were

Free clothes
Sometimes a bird with a sports car will appear in your town. If
you talk to her, she will say that she is a fashion designer. She
will comment on your clothes and will ask you to wash her car (and
give you instructions). If you wash her car well, she will give
you some clothes. However, if you fail to make her car shine, she
tell you to go away and you cannot wash her car again until a few
minutes later, when she moves. You can then try to wash it again.

Set the date to October 31st at 21:00 on the "Before I Go" screen.
Wear any pattern and find a trick or treater. Refuse to give them
candy and most likely you will be tricked, and your pattern will
be turned to rags and will become a shirt called the "Patched
Shirt". When you go to the pattern screen, your pattern will still
be there. Use your pattern and set it for clothes. The "Patched
Shirt" will drop into your inventory. Repeat this process until
you have all the shirts you want, then sell them the next day.

Start a new type of fruit in your town
Go around town try