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Codes cheats for All-Star Baseball 2004

All-Star Baseball 2004 - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Gamecube

Change jerseys in franchise mode:
Before playing in a franchise mode game, go to quick play, and on the team's options
highlight "Change Uniform". Go back, exit quick play, load the franchise, and when you
get to the play game screen on options, your pointer will be on the blacked out uniform
part. Press A and you can change uniforms. Once you change lineups or pitchers, this
option is no longer available; it only works for that one game.

Demote player without other teams claiming him off waivers:
Go to the player editor and make all his stats to D- so that no teams would want to
claim him off waivers. When you want to promote a player back to the Major Leagues,
change his ratings back to his default settings.

Easy points:
Start a two player game, with only one actual player. Throw a perfect game, striking
out every batter. Save the game in the bottom of the ninth inning with two strikes and
two outs. Finish the game, collect your points, and save the options. Reload the game
and repeat to collect the points again.

Change to the team that you are facing and make them play poorly, allowing your original
team to score a lot of runs. In the last inning, switch back to your team and claim your
team's cheaply made points.