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Codes cheats for All-Star Baseball 2003

All-Star Baseball 2003 - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Gamecube

Cheat menu
Press L at the controller selection screen to activate cheats
that have been bought.

Alternate uniforms
Hold L + R to select alternate jerseys.

Taunt opponents
Hit a homerun and on the way to third (after replay), press L or R.
Your player will taunt the other team's players.

Credit commentary
Press A during the credits to hear commentary about the person
currently featured.

Card Name
1 Bobby Abreu
2 Edgardo Alfonzo
3 Roberto Alomar
4 Moises Alou
5 Brady Anderson
6 Garrett Anderson
7 Rick Ankiel
8 Tony Armas Jr
9 Jeff Bagwell
10 Harold Baines
11 Tony Batista
12 Albert Belle
13 Carlos Beltran
14 Adrian Beltre
15 Kris Benson
16 Lance Berkman
17 Craig Biggio
18 Barry Bonds
19 Kevin Brown
20 Jay Buhner
21 Jeromy Burnitz
22 Pat Burrell
23 Ken Caminiti
24 Jose Canseco
25 Sean Casey
26 Luis Castillo
27 Eric Chavez
28 Jeff Cirillo
29 Jermaine Clark
30 Roger Clemens
31 Bartolo Colon
32 David Cone
33 Jose Cruz, Jr
34 Johnny Damon
35 Eric Davis
36 Carlos Delgado
37 JD Drew
38 Ray Durham
39 Jermaine Dye
40 Jim Edmonds
41 Juan Encarnacion
42 Darin Erstad
43 Carl Everett
44 Steve Finley
45 Cliff Floyd
46 Brad Fullmer
47 Andres Galarraga
48 Freddy Garcia
49 Nomar Garciaparra
50 Jason Giambi
51 Brian Giles
52 Troy Glaus
53 Tom Glavine
54 Juan Gonzalez
55 Luis Gonzalez
56 Mark Grace
57 Shawn Green
58 Rusty Greer
59 Ken Griffey
60 Vladimir Guerrero
61 Tony Gwynn
62 Jeffrey Hammonds
63 Mike Hampton
64 Todd Helton
65 Rickey Henderson
66 Orlando Hernandez
67 Richard Hidalgo
68 Tim Hudson
69 Geoff Jenkins
70 Derek Jeter
71 Randy Johnson
72 Andruw Jones
73 Chipper Jones
74 Jacque Jones
75 Brian Jordan
76 David Justice
77 Gabe Kapler
78 Eric Karros
79 Jason Kendall
80 Adam Kennedy
81 Jeff Kent
82 Byung Hyun Kim
83 Ryan Klesko
84 Chuck Knoblauch
85 Paul Konerko
86 Barry Larkin
87 Carlos Lee
88 Kenny Lofton
89 Terrance Long
90 Javy Lopez
91 Greg Maddux
92 Edgar Martinez
93 Pedro Martinez
94 Tino Martinez
95 Ruben Mateo
96 Fred McGriff
97 Mark McGwire
98 Kevin Millwood
99 Ben Molina
100 Raul Mondesi
101 Mark Mulder
102 Mike Mussina
103 Trot Nixon
104 Hideo Nomo
105 John Olerud
106 Paul Oneill
107 Magglio Ordonez
108 Rafael Palmeiro
109 Chan Ho Park
110 Jay Payton
111 Andy Pettitte
112 Adam Piatt
113 Mike Piazza
114 Jorge Posada
115 Mark Quinn
116 Aramis Ramirez
117 Manny Ramirez
118 Pokey Reese
119 Cal Ripken
120 Mariano Rivera
121 Alex Rodriguez
122 Ivan Rodriguez
123 Scott Rolen
124 Tim Salmon
125 Curt Schilling
126 Richie Sexson
127 Gary Sheffield
128 John Smoltz
129 JT Snow
130 Sammy Sosa
131 Shannon Stewart
132 BJ Surhoff
133 Mike Sweeney
134 Fernando Tatis
135 Miguel Tejada
136 Frank Thomas
137 Jim Thome
138 Jason Varitek
139 Greg Vaughn
140 Mo Vaughn
141 Robin Ventura
142 Jose Vidro
143 Omar Vizquel
144 Larry Walker
145 David Wells
146 Rondell White
147 Bernie Williams
148 Matt Williams
149 Preston Wilson
150 Kerry Wood
151 Brent Abernathy - Rated Rookie
152 Cory Aldridge - Rated Rookie
153 Gene Altman - Rated Rookie
154 Josh Beckett - Rated Rookie
155 Wilson Betemit - Rated Rookie
156 Joe Crede - Rated Rookie
157 Jack Cust - Rated Rookie
158 Alex Escobar - Rated Rookie
159 Pedro Feliz - Rated Rookie
160 Nate Frese - Rated Rookie
161 Carlos Garcia - Rated Rookie
162 Marcus Giles - Rated Rookie
163 Alexis Gomez - Rated Rookie
164 Jason Hart - Rated Rookie
165 Adrian Hernandez - Rated Rookie
166 Eric Hinske - Rated Rookie
167 Cesar Izturis - Rated Rookie
168 Nick Johnson - Rated Rookie
169 Brian Lawrence - Rated Rookie
170 Steve Lomasney - Rated Rookie
171 Nick Maness - Rated Rookie
172 Jackson Melian - Rated Rookie
173 Jose Mieses - Rated Rookie
174 Greg Miller - Rated Rookie
175 Eric Munson - Rated Rookie
176 Xavier Nady - Rated Rookie
177 Blaine Neal - Rated Rookie
178 Abraham Nunez - Rated Rookie
179 Jose Ortiz - Rated Rookie
180 Jeremy Owens - Rated Rookie
181 Pablo Ozuna - Rated Rookie
182 Corey Patterson - Rated Rookie
183 Carlos Pena - Rated Rookie
184 Wily Mo Pena - Rated Rookie
185 Timo Perez - Rated Rookie
186 Adam Pettyjohn - Rated Rookie
187 Luis Rivas - Rated Rookie
188 Wilkin Ruan - Rated Rookie
189 Duaner Sanchez - Rated Rookie
190 Alfonso Soriano - Rated Rookie
191 Rafael Soriano - Rated Rookie
192 Ichiro Suzuki - Rated Rookie
193 Billy Sylvester - Rated Rookie
194 Juan Uribe - Rated Rookie
195 Carlos Valderrama - Rated Rookie
196 Eric Valent - Rated Rookie
197 Matt White - Rated Rookie
198 Mike Young - Rated Rookie
199 All Star Cheat
200 All Star Plate
201 Jeff Bagwell - Special Card
202 Tony Batista - Special Card
203 Barry Bonds - Special Card
204 Roger Clemens - Special Card
205 Carlos Delgado - Special Card
206 Jim Edmonds - Special Card
207 Jason Giambi - Special Card
208 Troy Glaus - Special Card
209 Ken Griffey Jr. - Special Card
210 Vladimir Guerrero - Special Card
211 Tony Gwynn - Special Card
212 Todd Helton - Special Card
213 Richard Hidalgo - Special Card
214 Reggie Jackson - Special Card
215 Dave Justice - Special Card
216 Harmon Killebrew - Special Card
217 Mark McGwire - Special Card
218 Roy Oswalt - Special Card
219 Rafael Palmeiro - Special Card
220 Mike Piazza - Special Card
221 Albert Pujols - Special Card
222 Manny Ramirez - Special Card
223 Alex Rodriguez - Special Card
224 Nolan Ryan - Special Card
225 CC Sabathia - Special Card
226 Mike Schmidt - Special Card
227 Gary Sheffield - Special Card
228 Tsuyoshi Shinjo - Special Card
229 Sammy Sosa - Special Card
230 Ichiro Suzuki - Special Card
231 Frank Thomas - Special Card
232 Jim Thome - Special Card
233 Robin Yount - Special Card
234 Astrodome - Classic Stadium
235 Classic Fenway - Classic Stadium
236 Classic Wrigley - Classic Stadium
237 Classic Yankee - Classic Stadium
238 Acclaim Sports Park - Classic Stadium
239 Enzo Field - Classic Stadium
240 Fischbach Field - Classic Stadium
241 Lockodome - Classic Stadium
242 Old Snavely Stadium - Classic Stadium
243 Whitaker Grounds - Classic Stadium
244 Zentmeyer Dome - Classic Stadium
245 Forbes Field - Classic Stadium
246 Polo Ground - Classic Stadium
247 Riverfront - Classic Stadium
248 Tiger Stadium - Classic Stadium
249 Brandon Adcock - Dingers (Developer Card)
250 Kevin Brinson - Dingers (Developer Card)
251 Randy Buck - Dingers (Developer Card)
252 Nigel Cook - Dingers (Developer Card)
253 Malc Crummack - Dingers (Developer Card)
254 Peyton Duncan - Dingers (Developer Card)
255 Nelson Everhart - Dingers (Developer Card)
256 Tim Flier - Dingers (Developer Card)
257 Tom Green - Dingers (Developer Card)
258 Bill Kydd - Dingers (Developer Card)
259 Matt Liverman - Dingers (Developer Card)
260 Andrew Locko - Dingers (Developer Card)
261 Wes Mailman - Dingers (Developer Card)
262 Mike Mann - Dingers (Developer Card)
263 Matt McEnerney - Dingers (Developer Card)
264 Shawn Nicholson - Dingers (Developer Card)
265 Dan Rubel - Dingers (Developer Card)
266 Cooper Sellers - Dingers (Developer Card)
267 Mike Skinner - Dingers (Developer Card)
268 PJ Snavely - Dingers (Developer Card)
269 Ryan Starr - Dingers (Developer Card)
270 Sarma Vanguri - Dingers (Developer Card)
271 Mario Ventrella - Dingers (Developer Card)
272 Rob Whitaker - Dingers (Developer Card)
273 Justin Withers - Dingers (Developer Card)
274 Tom Zentmeyer - Dingers (Developer Card)
275 Dingers - Teams
276 Pixels - Teams
277 Islanders - Teams
278 Rated Rookies - Teams
279 AL Legends - Teams
280 NL Legends - Teams
281 Wrinklies - Teams
282 Angels - Alternate Throwbacks
283 Astros - Alternate Throwbacks
284 Athletics - Alternate Throwbacks
285 Blue Jays - Alternate Throwbacks
286 Braves - Alternate Throwbacks
287 Brewers - Alternate Throwbacks
288 Cardinals - Alternate Throwbacks
289 Cubs - Alternate Throwbacks
290 Devil Rays - Alternate Throwbacks
291 Diamondbacks - Alternate Throwbacks
292 Dingers - Alternate Throwbacks
293 Dodgers - Alternate Throwbacks
294 Expos - Alternate Throwbacks
295 Giants - Alternate Throwbacks
296 Indians - Alternate Throwbacks
297 Mariners - Alternate Throwbacks
298 Marlins - Alternate Throwbacks
299 Mets - Alternate Throwbacks
300 Orioles - Alternate Throwbacks
301 Padres - Alternate Throwbacks
302 Phillies - Alternate Throwbacks
303 Pirates - Alternate Throwbacks
304 Rangers - Alternate Throwbacks
305 Reds - Alternate Throwbacks
306 Red Sox - Alternate Throwbacks
307 Rockies - Alternate Throwbacks
308 Royals - Alternate Throwbacks
309 Tigers - Alternate Throwbacks
310 Twins - Alternate Throwbacks
311 White Sox - Alternate Throwbacks
312 Yankees - Alternate Throwbacks

Hint: Easy points
You can gain "points" for certain feats performed during a game. An easy
way to get a lot of points is to throw a perfect game. This is worth 100
points. Switch controls every time the CPU is up at bat and intentionally
strike out. This will get you points for 27 strikeouts, and for a perfect
game. Repeat as many times as needed.
To get more points in franchise mode to sign your free agents, during the
off season either create a player and pick him up as a free agent or sign
free agents and release them at the end of the season.

Use two controllers and keep throwing fast balls on both sides until a late
inning. You can go into extra innings for more points in strikeouts. Then,
hit a ground ball on the team you want to win and make the other team just
hold it. Run around the bases with the other controller. This will count as
an error and give the other pitcher a no-hitter.

Hint: Easy points in trivia mode
For easy points in any one of the three modes of trivia (classic, home run
derby, and speed), when you get a wrong answer, do not continue to the next
question. Instead, press B so that the game asks if you want to quit. Then,
press B again to remain in the game. After you have done this, press A to
go advance to the next question. As a result, the game will give you a
single and not penalize you with an out. Note: In home run derby trivia,
this method will give you a homerun instead of an out.

Hint: Easy runs
Get Barry Bonds to bat in the third spot in the order and play against the
Cubs. Take control of the Cubs and start intentionally walking everyone
until Barry Bonds is up for the second time. Rotate the hitting icon so
it will hit a home run. Make contact and you will hit a grand slam. Repeat
this as many times as needed. Note: Do not check the box score after 100
runs or the game will freeze.

Hint: Easy wins
Switch controllers to the opposing team and change all the players to
pitchers. The CPU will be much worse on defense. If you can pitch well,
you will also get a lot of strikeouts.

Hint: Easy wins in a season
Save the game then go to schedule. Simulate the game. If you did not win,
return to the main menu and load the season. Repeat this until you win
the game.

Hint: Control homerun replay
After hitting a homerun, a replay of it will be displayed. When you see
your batter heading home from third base, press various buttons to see
different angles.

Hint: Better hitting
Immediately after the pitcher releases the ball, press Start. You will
see where the ball is going and if it will be a strike or ball. Resume
the game and move your batting cursor over it to get a nice powerful swing.
This will help you improve your hitting. Note: You do not need to press
Start directly after he lets go of the ball -- it just gives you more time
to move your cursor after the game is resumed.

Use the pause technique before batting. When you see where the ball is
going, try your best to get the ball as close to the point of the contact
triangle (the part closest to the batter, not the thick part of the
triangle). you will usually get homeruns or at least doubles.
Information in this section was contributed by Eric.

Wait until the pitcher's arm is in motion and is coming forward, then swing.
If it looks like a bad pitch do not swing. This strategy woks most of the
time, and works well with players such as Giambi, Bonds, or A-Rod.

Hint: Better pitching
The best pitchers have a pitch called a "Slurve" (for example, Mark Burhele
of the Chicago White Sox). Also try the "Dominate Curve" with Pedro.

Hint: Steal bases
Press R to steal a base.

Hint: Restore pitcher's energy
In season, franchise or expansion mod, go to the DL, and put any pitcher
on the15 day DL. Then immediately take him back into your lineup. He will
have recovered all his energy.

Hint: Better franchise or expansion mode teams
Use trades to get rid of your older less talented players for slightly
better players. Even if the CPU rejects your trade, keep trying repeatedly
and it is usually eventually accepted. However, make the trade reasonable,
such as B- for a B or B+. If the player you really want just does not seem
to want to join your team, try trading for another player who is slightly
better, then return to that player you want and try again. Do this every
season to keep good young players.

To get whatever players you want, go to the trade screen. Take a bad player
in your lineup with about a "C" rating and trade him for someone with a "C+".
Then, trade the "C+" person for a "B" and so on. All your players will
eventually have "A" rankings.

Hint: Resign players for same points but longer deals:
Start in the franchise value menu and use R1 to release one or two players
who you do not want back. This will allow you to build up some extra points.
Then, release the player you want to resign for more years. Go to the free
agents screen and resign him for 50 points and any number of years. Go back
to franchise value and release him again. When you go to resign that player
again, the amount of points will usually be the same amount as before you
released him the first time but he will demand the same number of years that
you signed him for after the first time you released him.

Hint: Easy cards
Use the following trick to unlock all the cards in one or two games. Once
you unlock the Cooperstown Legends and the Pixels, play as the Legends. You
will find that within the fifth or sixth inning, every hit equals ten points
and possibly more. Constantly hit homeruns and strike out the batters and you
should have forty to fifty packs to open after the game. This is the easiest
way to complete your card collection and unlock the cheats.

Choose the Yankees at the Phillies. Choose to play as the Phillies under any
difficulty setting. When the first batter is up, pause game play and select
"Change Lineup". Then, select "Defensive Replacement". Choose the catcher,
then start using pitchers. Repeat this step until you have run out of pitchers
for the catchers. Then, choose an outfielder to be the catcher. Then, go to
"Position Swap", and switch positions with the first baseman and catcher.
Go to "Defensive Replacement" again and choose any other player to be the
first basemen. Switch to the Yankees for an easy win for cards.

This trick requires two controllers. Each controller will control one team.
Stay pitching in the middle of the strike zone, and batting for homeruns. If
you do not hit a homerun, control the fielders and do not catch the ball in
the air and throw it to a base. Then, with the batting controller, keep pressing
L to score a point. The game will never end. When the score is about 50 for each
team, finish the game and you will have about 100 packs to open.

Hint: Thom Brennaman's stories
Start a game and allow the controller to remain idel. After a few minutes after
they have announced the lineups and the starting pitcher, Thom Brennaman will
start telling in-depth stories about baseball.

Hint: Catcher
Use the following settings for a better catcher:

Contact: A+
Power: A+
Hitting: A+
Speed: A+
Bunt: D
Patience: D_
Glove: D
Range: D
Arm accuracy: B+
Arm strength: B+

Hint: Designated hitters
In season, expansion or franchise mode, create players then trade
them for the person you want. The best created player you can make
is a designated hitter. Use the following settings.
Note: Only American League teams need designated hitters. If you
want someone in the National League, then trade your created designated
hitter for a good American League player then trade him for the desired
National League player.

Contact: A+
Power: A+
Hitting: A
Speed: A-
Bunt: B-
Patience: B
Glove: D-
Range: D-
Arm Accuracy: D-
Arm Strength: D-
Alternately, use the following settings.
Contact: A+
Power: A+
Hitting: A+
Speed: A+
Bunt: C+
Patience: A+
Glove: D-
Range: D-
Arm Accuracy: D-
Arm Strength: C+
You can also set Bunt to D- with Arm Strength C+.
Alternately, use the following settings.
Contact: A+
Power: A+
Hitting: A+
Speed: A+
Bunt: D-
Patience: D-
Glove: C+
Range: C+
Arm Accuracy: C
Arm Strength: C

Hint: First or second baseman
Use the following settings for a better first or second baseman:
Contact: A
Power: A+
Hitting: A
Speed: A+
Bunt: D
Patience: D
Glove: D
Range: D
Arm Accuracy: A
Arm Strength: A
Overall: A
Same as above
Overall: A

Hint: Third baseman
Use the following settings for a better third baseman
Contact: A+
Power: A+
Hitting: A+
Speed: A+
Bunt: D-
Patience: D-
Glove: D-
Range: D-
Arm Accuracy: B+
Arm Strength: B+
Overall: A

Hint: Shortstop
Use the following settings for a better shortstop
Contact: A
Power: A+
Hitting: A
Speed: A+
Bunt: D-
Patience: D-
Glove: D-
Range: D-
Arm Accuracy: A-
Arm Strength: A-
Overall: A-

Hint: Outfielder
Use the following settings for a better outfielder
Contact: A
Power: A+
Hitting: A
Speed: A+
Bunt: D
Patience: D
Glove: D
Range: D
Arm Accuracy: A
Arm Strength: A
Overall: A-