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Codes cheats for Alien Hominid

Alien Hominid - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Gamecube

Extra life:
When there is a flower in the ground dig next to it and you will get a life.

Jouster hat - Beat level 3-4 on Hard.
Private Eye hat - Beat level 3-2 on Hard.
Dimond tirera - Beat level 2-2 on Hard.
Tom Fulp hair - Name your hominid tomfulp.

Level 3-4: Extra lives:
After fighting the Boss (giant green robot with the eye and a fork and knife) and his
life reaches zero, he will start exploding. Continue shooting at his eye. He will just
continue exploding as long as you shoot, and you will continue gaining points.
You can stop when you have about 60,000 points. At the end of the level, you will
gain about eventeen

Curly Hair Wig - Blow up the Fish are like plants building in level 1-5.
Pirate Hat - On level 1-1 destroy Hairy Nanny Daycare right after the miniboss.
Soviet Hat - Get to level 2-1.
Area 51 Hat - Get to level 3-1.
Blond Hair - Beat the final boss on Hard mode.