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A.I. Artificial Intelligence - Game cheats, tips and tricks for DVD

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Production credits
Insert either disc. Select the "Subtitles" option, then
highlight the "Menu" option. Press Right to highlight
the blue arrow. Press Enter to view the disc's production
credits. Note: This feature is available in the Region 2
version of the disc.

Teddy Footage
Insert Disc 2. Select "Robots of A.I." then advance to
0:6:05. The "Teddy Footage" begins there and ends at 0:10:49.
The second "Teddy Footage" can be found if you select
"Special Visual Effects & Animation: ILM", then advance
to 0:1:08. The "Teddy Footage" starts there and ends at 0:3:16.