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Cannon Spike - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Dreamcast

New wave of levels:
If you manage to complete all 10 levels on difficulty 4 or above without
losing a life, a second wave of levels will open up. These levels are
exactly the same as the first ones, but more difficult.

Gallery art:
Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock all art
in the gallery.

Alternate Cammy's costume:
At the character selection screen, highlight Cammy and press Up or Down.

2 Hidden Characters:
Beat the game with any characters and Megaman and Little Red Lady will be
unlocked. You can't see them on the character selection screen but they
are on left and right of the other characters.

Hidden Mode:
Beat the game once and you will unlock Gallery Art. This contains pictures
of characters and the game. Beat teh game with the other characters to
unlock more pictures.

Recieve Cammy w/ new outfit:
When at the player selection screen, first you must highlight, then press up.
Her outfit has now changed to a lighter color.