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Codes cheats for Blue Stinger

Blue Stinger - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Dreamcast

Big Eyes Mode:
Complete the game with the difficulty set on Hard.

Easier Bosses:
Near the beginning of the game, if you save the
people in the lift then the bosses will be easier
to defeat.

Mad Mode:
Beat the game 3 times and save it. Next, start a new
game from the saved game file. Near the health bar,
the words Mad Mode will appear.

Secret Art:
Insert your game disc into a PC and look in the "omake"
directory for extra .bmp files or check out some .wav files.

Heat-Seeking Laser Gun:
Complete the game twice and save it. Restart your saved
game to get a heat seeking laser gun that fires 4 heat-
seeking lasers.

Lab Card Passwords:
Go to Janeau after getting the lab card from Rat's Place.
When Eliot gives the lab card to Janeau, the password will
be 0513.

Become Almost Invincible:
Complete a game and save it. Start a new game using your
saved game file and you should now have 200 Hassy Drinks
in your inventory.

Passwords for Bank Cards:
Use these passwords at the Bank of Kimara.

Bank Card Money Password:
Eliot $20 3532
Kimara $4000 1008
Yucatan $5700 1861
Bermud $6000 1394