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Aerowings - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Dreamcast

Unlock Everything:
At the 'Press Start' screen, press the L and R triggers
This will unlock all levels and planes.

Exhibition Mode:
Beat all 20 Blue Impulse Missions to earn the Exhibition Mode.
In this mode, you can select from various new maneuvers.

5-6 Formation:
Complete all 8 Sky Mission Attacks to earn the option
to fly a 5 jet formation or 6 jet formation in the Free Flight

Extra Options:
Enter TASCAS as your name.
Now go to the Options menu and choose the "Special" option
for HUD, Cockpit, and Player Assist.

Extra Mission:
Beat Sky Mission Attacks 1-7.
This will unlock Sky Mission Attack 8.

Full pause Screen:
Press Start then press X + Y.